Singing My Mother’s Song

The Arts Council have funded my new collection which explores family lineage, diaspora and the feminine. A cross medium project in which writers, dancers and film makers, from South Africa and the U.K, are united. Here is the project website for more information: Singing My Mother’s Song

Song of Myself

A Yoga and Poetry Retreat for Creatresses with Naela Rose and Rebecca Tantony. The retreat offers a creative space within which to investigate and uncover your inner artists by exploring what it really feels like to identify, describe and express the texture of your soul’s unique song.

Song of Myself is a blissful journey back to Self through movement, poetry, and sound. This magical five day retreat for Creatresses - held by very special guest facilitators at the Yobaba Lounge, Southern France - offers a tranquil space for women to reconnect with their innate creativity.

This juicy retreat is a heartfelt offering to any woman who senses she has magic inside her; any woman who longs to fearlessly express her truth, or who believes she has creative gifts to share with the world.

For full details and bookings click here

All The Journeys I Never Took

I have just finishing working with a group of incredible women who I admire immensely. Produced by Lucy English, directed by Raquel Meseguer, designed by Synnove Fredericks and written and performed by me, All The Journeys I Never Took, is an immersive spoken word show, funded by The Arts Council, for one audience member at a time, offered in a secret location in the heart of the city.

With the cityscape framed, the audience become a voyeur to the bustle around. Here we take the time to be, to listen, to let our senses roam. A personal story. A story that explores what it is like to leave behind the middle man- lover, father, priest- and discover our place in the world. A space that echoes with unravelling journeys, break ups, first dates, family, confidences. Here we ask the audience to take an active role. Here we mutter poems of love, of loss, of the human. The city provides our actors and backdrop. Here the everyday is elevated.

All The Journeys I Never Took

VANESSA KISUULE, POET ‘All The Journeys I Never Took is a show that unfurls slowly. It is tender, subtle and surprising. Its power doesn’t hit you but slowly reveals itself as its narrative unfolds in this unusually intimate format. It is rare and wonderful to feel this level of revelation from a show.’

“Gracious, ecstatically loved up, in awe. I’ll remember that for the rest of my life.” Audience Member, Bristol

THEATRE BATH, ***** 5 STAR REVIEW One of the most original and moving pieces of theatre I’ve ever had the privilege to see. You are literally taken on a journey of your life. Rebecca Tantony’s intimate performance is a tour de force that will linger in my theatrical memory for a very long time. Immersive, Intimate, intense, moving, powerful, actually I could easily run out of superlatives to describe this theatrical gem. Anymore description of plot, premise and location would spoil this moving and poignant show for future audiences. ***** – 5 Stars


Just spent lunchtime today with a young woman as she prepares for her travels. She reminisced about previous trips, her search for meaning through a variety of religions and the friends she made along the way. Some people travel for pleasure, seeking adventure or whatever comes their way. Others journey out of necessity, separated from loved ones who face starvation, bullets or imprisonment.And where is home? Is it reinforced by travel? Does everybody have a home? I don’t want to give too much away about Rebecca Tantony’s astounding immersive theatre All the Journeys I Never Took. Suffice it to say it’s a one to one (or two) experience in a mystery setting. Poetically written and flawless performed by Rebecca. Inspiring and thought provoking, I’ve never experienced anything like it. If you can, hitch a ride!

“Theatre so rarely makes me feel moved or like it was made directly for me”- Audience Member, Bristol

“Wonderful time experiencing Rebecca Tantony’s one-on-one immersive theatre/spoken word show today. Packed with passion, beauty and nuance- Tom Dewey, Poet, Sailsbury Theatre ”

“‘All the journeys I never took’ by @RebeccaTantony was so beautiful today. A personal highlight from the past decades of @bathfestivals’ Jamie Luck, Bath Festival ”

“‘This afternoon I experienced Rebecca Tantony’s All The Journeys I Never Took. Excellent unique spoken-word theatre. If you get the chance, see it’ -Peter Hunter, Apples and Snakes, Eastleigh Unwrapped ”

‘Rebecca’s one and one spoken word performance enabled me to see the wondrous beauty in life’s trials and tribulations. The performance captured our shared life journeys - enabling fear and sorrow to transcend into love and empowerment in a way which provokes a truer essence of the human spirit. Psychologically nurturing, visually, delightful, and politically informative in a way which is palpably compassionate toward the vulnerable. A real gift to the human spirit - thank you’ Brixton Festival, London

Phantom Laundry

Phantom Laundry is poetry and music stage ( previously named The Wandering Word) that runs at Shambala festival. Alongside programming our incredible stage I am Co-Project Manager for the Phantom Laundry Workshop Tent. Here is this year’s schedule

The Poetry Stage- Bristol Harbour Festival

I programme and host The Poetry Stage at Bristol Harbour Festival, a whole weekend of over twenty amazing poets, in the heart of our electric city