Every one of us is a complex and beautifully woven fabric of stories, and whether we tell them or not, there are no measuring tapes or weighing scales to speak of their worth. Talk You Round Till Dusk is a collection of tiny stories and big ideas celebrating the wonder of the moment. It’s about those journeys in a car driving across a desert, or walking from the bedroom to the kitchen, where we discover that what we have is enough. Stories so small they fit in the palm of a hand, yet carry the weight of the world with them.Talk You Round Till Dusk is a collaboration between spoken word artist Rebecca Tantony and illustrator Anna Higgie. In a mix of flash-non-fiction, short stories, poetry and 16 full page colour illustrations, Rebecca and Anna take us on on a philosophical road trip from Bristol to Andalucia, Nicosia, India, San Francisco, Death Valley and Mexico.

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Talk You Round Till Dusk

All The Journeys I Never Took is a collection of poetry and prose which offer a personal account of what it’s like to leave behind the middle man- lover, father, priest- and discover our place in the world. A place which echoes with unravelling journeys, first dates, break ups, family and confidences. Sometimes confessional, sometimes political, this collection explores what a contemporary definition of home might be; something physical, a person, a concept best left behind or a destination to keep heading towards.

And my second collection here:

All The Journeys I Never Took

Tune into BBC Radio Four today and listen to me reading poems and drifting through the clouds on A Pursuit of Beauty, Ballon With A View.

‘For the balloonist there is no friction; sound rises curiously unimpeded upwards with zero interference. We bring a rich mix of propane burner gushing, the dawn chorus, a choir of city sounds captured in a balloon.’


From Bristol to Johannesburg a collaborative poetry, dance film. An exploration of the female body and examination of the journey women take to find a place of comfort with the ebb and flow of inevitable change. Written by Rebecca Tantony. Guitar and Vocals by Emily Perry. Featuring Dancers Yana Seidl and Rachael Tebogo Makatile Click here to watch