I have taught workshops in schools as part of the secondary curriculum, outside of schools to those excluded from education, to ex offenders, tiny children and the elderly. Everybody has a story and a unique way of sharing it and spoken word workshops are a powerful avenue to creatively use our voices, to stand up and speak out.

In all workshops I offer the opportunity to explore spoken word in a fun, accessible and dynamic way. Participants will be able to examine the origins of spoken word, will be shown examples of performance poetry style and led through the basic tools needed to write and perform poetry to an audience. Workshops are completely tailored to the ability, age and needs of the group and I am experienced in working with both primary and secondary schools, adults and community groups, as well as for those with special needs and individuals with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

I also work in retreat settings, specialising in Poetry and Creative Writing Workshops in combination with yoga, movement and sound.

The benefits of spoken word workshops are diverse and wide. They include increased confidence, greater self expression, improvement in literacy and vocabulary, igniting passion in literature and creative writing and a deeper understanding of the individual self through language.

All workshops have been crafted so participants can access contemporary poetry as a means to explore creative expression. I have been Arts Award Trained and come armed with Public Liability Insurance and an up to date DBS.

To book a workshop contact me on: words@rebecca-tantony.com

Song Of Myself

A Yoga and Poetry Retreat for Creatresses with Naela Rose and Rebecca Tantony

This retreat offers a creative space within which to investigate and uncover your inner artists by exploring what it really feels like to identify, describe and express the texture of your soul’s unique song. Song of Myself is a blissful journey back to Self through movement, poetry, and sound. This magical five day retreat for Creatresses - held by very special guest facilitators at Award Winning Yobaba Lounge in the Southern French Pyrenees - offers a tranquil space for women to reconnect with their innate creativity.

This juicy retreat is a heartfelt offering to any woman who senses she has magic inside her; any woman who longs to fearlessly express her truth, or who believes she has creative gifts to share with the world. It is an earnest invitation to all women to step forward; to claim your divinity, to revel in the perfection of your mess, and to celebrate your complex and beautiful wilderness!

Yobaba Lounge

Singing My Mother’s Song- An Ancestral Journey

In this intimate and nurturing space we gather to explore language, voice and the body in unison. For those who have never taken pen to paper, self to stage, and for those more experienced but wanting to expand or explore other areas of creativity, this workshop combines group work with individual focus, making sure everybody has the chance to create something unique to them.

Using Creative Writing we explore the theme of ‘Journeys’ as a powerful avenue to come back to our bodies, creatively use our voice and to stand up and speak out. After a ritual where ancestors are called into the space so to guide us onwards, we will look at the theme of Journeys; be it stories of travel from place to place, journeys from one relationship to the next or the journey into the self. We will look at various poetic tools and devises and use creative writing as a method for healing, discovery and expression.

Tribe Of Doris


I offer one-on-one mentoring in person from a space in Bristol, UK and mentoring using various online platforms, so regardless of geographical location, anyone can benefit.

The mentoring consists of tutorials designed by us both, relevant to your needs. A developed programme is established during an initial meeting so we can bring your dream projects into being; this might be a collection, pamphlet, submissions to magazines.It might be overcoming fears, creative blocks or simply having support so to create new work.It might be support with editing, prompts for new material or guidance in how one can develop, grow and make a flourishing career as a writer.

Here is a testimonial from a recent mentee, who after a six month mentoring programme together went on to have his collection accepted for publication.

‘I couldn’t be more grateful to Rebecca for her support and guidance as a mentor. Rebecca brings a warmness of heart to her mentoring, cajoling the best out of you with an expert eye, probing feedback and willingness to listen and becomes genuinely immersed in the process. It is clear Rebecca loves poetry and bringing the best out of those she is supporting. Not only is Rebecca a fabulous poet in her own right and one we should all read and celebrate but she revels in watching others create poetry that surprises and moves the reader. I can’t recommend Rebecca highly enough.’- Stephen Lightbown

Ongoing Teaching

I am an associate lecturer in Performance Poetry and Creative Writing at Bath Spa University

Ongoing Teaching

I am writer in residence in Fulham Cross Girl’s School, London and Hans Price Academy,W-S-M