I have taught workshops in schools as part of the secondary curriculum, outside of schools to those excluded from education, to ex offenders, tiny children and the elderly. Everybody has a story and a unique way of sharing it and spoken word workshops are a powerful avenue to creatively use our voices, to stand up and speak out. In all workshops I offer the opportunity to explore spoken word in a fun, accessible and dynamic way. Participants will be able to examine the origins of spoken word, will be shown examples of performance poetry style and led through the basic tools needed to write and perform poetry to an audience. Workshops are completely tailored to the ability, age and needs of the group and I am experienced in working with both primary and secondary schools, adults and community groups, as well as those those with special needs and individuals with emotional and behavioural difficulties. The benefits of spoken word workshops are diverse and wide. They include increased confidence, greater self expression, improvement in literacy and vocabulary, igniting passion in literature and creative writing and a deeper understanding of the individual self through language. All workshops have been crafted so participants can access contemporary poetry as a means to explore creative expression. I have been Arts Award Trained and come armed with Public Liability Insurance and an up to date DBS.

Ongoing Teaching

I am an associate lecturer in Performance Poetry and Creative Writing at Bath Spa University

Ongoing Teaching

I am writer in residence in Fulham Cross Girl’s School, London and Hans Price Academy,W-S-M

Transformation- Day/Weekend/Week Long Retreats In Poetry, Food and Yoga

In this intimate and nurturing space we gather to explore language, voice and the body in unison. For those who have never taken pen to paper, self to stage, and for those more experienced but wanting to expand or explore other areas of creativity, this workshop combines group work with individual focus, making sure everybody has the chance to create something unique to them.

We all have a story and our own way of sharing it, using Yoga and Creative Writing we explore the theme of ‘Transformation’ as a powerful avenue to come back to our bodies, creatively use our voice and to stand up and speak out. Combined with a morning of Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Meditation, in which Yoga is used as a pathway into our creative force, students are encouraged to turn inwards and find their expression with strength and grace.

Yoga: In this Yoga class we aim to evoke deep feeling and care around how we use this practise to inspire us, how we can live a more connected existence, allowing us the freedom to make choices that better support our lives and in turn our spirit. We use yoga as a tool for positive change and growth.

Poetry: We will have an afternoon of Poetry taught by Bath Spa Poetry lecturer Rebecca Tantony. Here we will look at the theme of Transformation; be it change, growth or starting a new. We will look at various poetic tools and devices and use creative writing as a method for healing, discovery and expression.

Food: We will provide incredible Ayurvedic food created by Vegan Living Chef of the month Chef Raul Garcia Crespo, who uses cooking as an avenue to nourish and nurture the body and mind. The food will take influence from Vietnam, India, Thailand and Japan.

This one day workshop guarantees to offer something very special. Here is an opportunity to unravel anything that is not useful, to take another step on the journey of transformation, or to simply relax and glow.


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