- The Guardian

“Rebecca’s poetry is so full of raw tenderness that it ignites the flame of unity in us all. The broken and the brave are all welcome here. Such a relief to be in the presence of her voice weaving lyrical sanctuary.”

- Jamie Catto, Founder member of Faithless/Creator, Producer / Director of the multi-award winning global 1 Giant Leap films and albums

“An artist to stop hearts and start them again. Her words stronger than gravity, they pin you to the ground and then leave you shaking.”

- Jonathan Bentley-Smith, Copy Editor at Oneworld Publications

“I think Rebecca is the most kind-hearted person I’ve ever met. Her poems are amazing and are an inspiration for others.”

- Connor Hogon, Year Nine Student

“A performance artist of elegance and beauty, a writer of intelligence and insight.”

- Professor Richard Mills

“As a spoken word artist and as a person, Rebecca is a powerful presence. She creates spine tingling moments where the truth inherent in the words becomes apparent in your own bodily sensations. As a workshop leader, she empowers and inspires young people to imagine, write and deliver spoken word poems. I have seen twelve young people Rebecca has worked with deliver their own work supported by Rebecca’s guidance. Each time I have been blown away by the confidence in which they deliver it and the heart felt truth from where the words originate.”

- Jamie Colston, Freelance Facilitator and Consultant

“Rebecca is a highly skilled poet and practitioner. Personally I love seeing her perform. Professionally, we employer because she has a unique ability to engage, empower and challenge those that previously felt unvalued and voiceless to write and perform poetry from the heart. She is a brilliant role model, artist and practitioner.”

- Jamie Luck, Director at Mentoring Plus Ltd

“Rebecca Tantony has visited our school twice to celebrate World and National Poetry Day. It is incredible to expose our students to the power of the spoken word and introduce them to the world of performance poetry. Rebecca never disappoints and she has captivated our students with her performances. Her workshops have been highly praised by our teachers and students as fun, age-appropriate and excellent for developing presentation skills and creativity. I can’t recommend her highly enough and can’t wait to have her back to place both staff and students under her poetry spell!”

- Kathryn Gardner-Graham, Head of Libraries, Oasis Academy Brightstowe, Bristol

“Rebecca Tantony is a dynamic and inspiring teacher of poetry who is able to encourage even the most reluctant of students to write and perform their own poetry. Her poetry sessions are fun, well-structured with a varied range of activities which involve all participants, and result in great poems. Students love to work with her and they gain in confidence and pride through the work she has helped them to create. One of our students began Rebeccas poetry workshop saying he there was no way he could get on stage and perform his poems but now wishes to be a Spoken Word Artist having enjoyed the entire business of writing and performing.”

- Stella Pakeman, Head of English, St. Marks Secondary School, Bath

“Rebecca Tantony was funny, good and cool. Her poems were very, very good. She taught me to think of ways to express myself in words.”

- A Year Nine Student

“Rebecca worked with children from ages 9 to 11 and they all absolutely loved her workshops. She has a lovely way with children and all were engaged and keen to get involved. Rebecca made poetry current and fun and the kids broke into spontaneous applause when she shared one of her own pieces! All were encouraged to ‘play with words’, collaborate and perform their own work - which they did, enthusiastically.”

- Claire Jenkins, teacher at Welton Primary School

“It’s been a long time since I last picked up such a beautiful little book. Rebecca Tantony is a talent, there’s no doubt about that, but the beauty, the sheer unadulterated bliss that beats from almost every line of poetry, every finely turned clause, every life-affirming sentence, makes this collection of poems and flash fiction utterly essential in today’s world. Tantony’s sense of cadence and her wisdom, the sheer imagination of her lines and her delicate, often alluring images have everything. I thoroughly recommend keeping a copy nearby; it will do what every great book should: replenish souls as well as push literature forward.”

- ‘Talk You Round Till Dusk’ Book Review

“Rebecca is very warm and encouraging. The CPD that she delivered to us was delivered with a genuine love for what she does. She was able to give teachers practical suggestions that they could take away and use with their classes, and she was able to bring out the artistry of the team. She reignited a spark, inspiring me to develop my own writing (maybe I do have that book in me after all), but also to use some of her ideas to make writing fun and meaningful to the young people I teach. I loved the session!”

- English Teacher in response to a CPD session in a Secondary School