Glas-Den-Bury Festival, 6th July

A Discourse in Language and The Feminine

Poets Rebecca Tantony and Lydia Beardmore offer a Power Hour of female empowerment, told through the medium of poetry. Both poets will read work which draws on inspiration, influence and exploration on all things women, to shine light and ultimately celebrate the self-identified female form. Expect stretch marks and swear words.

Date: Friday 6th July 2018 on the Pucker Poets stage.

Start time: 5:30pm for a 1 hour set.

Backwell Festival, 7th July

This is the village where my mother and all her friends live. I will wear my best behaviour. Expect poems with extra rock and roll ;)

Shambala, 23-26th August

Saying poems and teaching poems at my other favourite place in the world. Shambala.

Tribe Of Doris, 8-12th August

Saying Poems and teaching a workshop at my favourite place in the world.